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Sigma2 300 400 500

Migatronic Sigma2 is the second generation of the popular Sigma range of power sources with a maximum output of 300, 400 and 500 A respectively. Available in C (Compact) or S (with separate wire-feed unit) versions and combinable with four different control panels.

With or without pulse and with infinitely variable adjustment of all parameters, the Sigma2 machines are designed for advanced MIG/MAG welding of all types of materials - in trades and assembly, heavy industry, offshore and automation.

Intelligent welding concept – with savings
In this range of inverter-based MIG/MAG welding machines with MMA, Migatronic has concentrated all intelligent elements of the machine in one place: in the user-friendly control panel. The result is an increased internal memory with space for even more welding programs and a new possibility of future update of welding programs via download of data. For example by means of IGC®, an innovative feature that ensures synergic gas flow and large savings.

Sigma2 500 also features a gouging function and PowerArc™ programs that ensure full penetration in fillet welds and butt welds using mild steel and stainless steel.

Sigma2 is being manufactured to order
No two Sigma machines are necessarily identical. The machines are made to order in precisely the configuration that matches the welding application.

DUO Plus™ - better finish with increased automatic process
The DUO Plus™ function optimises control of the weld pool and reduces the heat input. DUO Plus™ is an automatic enhancement of traditional MIG/MAG sequence welding. DUO Plus™ is an automatic sequence function allowing the welder to MIG weld with a ”slow pulse” which is known from many TIG machines. This welding method ensures better control of the weld pool and is the optimal solution for welding root passes in open groove joints etc.

PowerArc™ for thick-walled plates
The Migatronic PowerArc™ programs ensure full penetration in fillet welds and butt welds using mild steel and stainless steel.

Time-saving sequence options
Sequence welding is a standard function on the ”Advanced”, ”Synergic” and ”Pulse” control panels.
Welding parameters for repetitive welding jobs can be stored in the machine’s internal memory which is big enough to hold nine programme settings.

Sequence module for quick change of program
MIG Ergo Sequence Mk II is a new control unit for use with and reinstallation on all models in the range of MIG Ergo welding hoses. The Sequence Mk II allows the welder to switch between up to seven individual settings at the torch handle (not Basic).

Universal outlet for all types of welding hoses
A universal outlet makes it possible to weld using most types of MIG Ergo welding hoses – aircooled or watercooled.

Lower power consumption - less effect on the environment
Sigma2 is green throughout and for ease of use and superb performance, there is no better machine.
Its state-of-the-art technology gives a power consumption that is much lower than in machines with traditional technologies.

Accessories include:
• Program packages
• MIG Manager®
• Wire-drive spools for all types of wire
• RWF Multi
• Robot interface
• Relief arm
• Dialog and sequence torch
• Flow control for water
• Autotransformer, 230-500 V
• Protective frame and set of wheels for wire-feed unit
• MMA kit for wire-feed units
• Push-pull kit
• Remote control unit
• CEE mains plug


WIRE FEED UNIT            MWF 41/Internal      RWF Multifeeder      MWF 50            MWF 55           
 1-30  1-30   Wire reel diameter, mm  -  300 
 Euro connection  Euro connection     Duty cycle 40°C  420 A/100%  420 A/100%
 500 A/60%  500 A/60%   Protection class  IP23  IP23
 IEC60974 -1, -5, -10  IEC60974 -1, -5, -10   Dimensions (H x W x L)  27 x 21 x 27 cm  40 x 26 x 62 cm
 19  10  
COOLING UNIT                Output 1 l/min.   Tank capacity  Pressure, max.  Flow 1.2 bar - 60°C   <td style="\\&quot;background-color:" #bfbfbf;="" background-position:="" 0%="" 0%;border:="" #ffffff="" 1px="" solid;\\"="">  1.75 l/min

C = Compact, S = Separate wire-feed unit
We reserve the right to make changes.

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