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Flex² 3000 - intelligent and user-friendly MIG/MAG machines for sheet metal welding and MIG brazing

Flex² 3000 is the latest generation of MIG/MAG welding machines 
The auto business is one of the most innovative industries in terms of materials and joining methods. Since its first welding machine was produced in 1970, Migatronic has been a leading supplier to the auto business; a position which is strengthened by the new features and increased user-friendliness of Flex² 3000. Flex² 3000 is the result of new giant leaps in welding technology and Migatronic’s over 40 years of experience. Developed in co-operation with car makers, steel and gas suppliers and users throughout the world, the Flex² 3000, with or without watercooling, optimises itself and allows the welder to focus on good workmanship. 

Process improvement and less post-treatment
MIG brazing high-tensile steel is one of Migatronic’s specialist fields. Joining of special alloy thin plates requires a gentle process. This process and much more is built into the memory of the Flex² 3000. The result speaks for itself; the corrosion and strength properties of the material are maintained and only little post-treatment is required owing to a minimum of weld spatter and heat input. And there is hardly any deformation of car body plates.

Program Wizard™ 
The Migatronic Program Wizard™ allows the welder to find the right welding program for an assignment without having to browse through all the programs, and there is no risk of making wrong choices. Program Wizard is a built-in guide in the control panel which finds the right program in the program packages by asking three or four simple questions, for example about type of wire and gas. 

MACHINE TYPE FLEX2 3000        Mains voltage +/- 15% (50-60Hz)
 16 A Effective mains current
 18.1 A   Open circuit power
 0.90 Efficiency rate
 15-300 A Duty cycle 20°C (MIG/MAG)
 270 A/100% Duty cycle 60°C (MIG/MAG) 
 69-76 V Application class
 IP23 Norm
 90.6 x 52.4 x 92.5 Dimensions, water (H x W x L, cm)  105 x 52.4 x 92.5 Weight air/water, kg
*) Configured with auto transformer


 Output (at 1.5 l flow)            3.5 liter
 Flow 1.2 bar - 60°C    3 bar

Lower power consumption - less effect on the environment 
Flex² 3000 is green throughout owing to new welding technology and use of low-energy components – an important factor now that CO2 emission and increasing power consumption are on the agenda.

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