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There’s a Migatronic Automig for every generation

Back in 1970, Migatronic supplied its first welding machine to the auto business. Since then, as many as seven welding machine generations have matched, each in their own way, the requirements made by the auto business, trade and light industry. And the Automig²-i range is stronger than ever.

Automig2 I - the fully digital revolution 
The Automig²-i range are compact, fully digitised welding machines with synergic, preset welding programs and automated functions. The machines are designed for modern materials used in the auto business and meet the increasing demands for joining materials; from sheet metal to car body welding; from simple MIG/MAG to complex welding operations. Once the welder has set the main parameters, the Automig²-i will automatically adjust all other parameters: switch on, press and weld.

Machines with built-in advantages
The Automig²-i range is equipped with four-roll wire feed system for precise and stable wire-feeding. Digital motor control and fan control ensure stability and optimal cooling in all operating conditions - and safe ignition of the arc. The Automig² 273i versions feature reversed polarity for welding with innershield wire (without gas).

MIG brazing
In addition to MIG/MAG welding, the Automig²-i range features MIG brazing of galvanised steel plates. This function ensures maintenance of the material in terms of corrosion and strength and reduces post-treatment of distortion of plates and profiles to a minimum. The result is cost-effective and efficient welding.

AUTOPULS™ for welding and brazing
Modern car bodies in high-tensile steel require careful consideration and control of the arc. The Automig²-i range with AUTOPULS™ control panel is state-of-the-art and professional welding equipment for joining high-tensile steel. The pulse function, increasingly required by car makers, prevents weld spatter and ensures optimal preservation of strength as well as surface protection.


• Designed for all materials and individual welding applications
• Digital, synergic control panels - switch on, press and weld
• MIG brazing of galvanized steel
• AUTOPULS™ for advanced pulse welding and pulse brazing of high-tensile steel
• DUO versions for easy switch-over between welding and brazing operations
• Reversed polarity for welding withinnershield wire (without gas)
• Boost versions for all mains voltages
• Software update via SD card at MIGATRONIC

 Power source  Automig2 223i           Automig2 223i DUO         Automig2 273i            
 Mains voltage +/- 15%  3 x 400 V  3 x 400 V  3 x 400 V







 10 A  10 A   10 A 
 Duty cycle 100% at 40°C           145 A  145 A  175 A
 Duty cycle 60% at 40°C  170 A  170 A  195 A
 Duty cycle 100% at 20°C  180 A  180 A  230 A
 Duty cycle 60% at 20°C  220 A  220 A  245 A
 Current range  10-220 A   10-220 A  10-270 A
 Protection class  IP23  IP23              IP23
 Norm  EN60974-1/5/10  EN60974-1/5/10  EN60974-1/5/10 
 Current range  55x25x64   96x57x87  55x25x64
 Weight, kg  25  54  26 


We reserve the right to make changes


         Program package             Automig2 i         







   Wire Ø/mm   Welding    Brazing
 Fe SG 2  0.6 - 1.0        •  
 AIMg5  0.8 - 1.0        •  
 Cu AI8  0.8 - 1.0             •
 CuSi3  0.8 - 1.0            •


The program package is for guidance only; several optional wire/gas combinations are also included

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