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Automig 183 223 273

Professional and well proven machines
The first welding machine delivered by Migatronic to a car repair shop back in 1970 was developed and produced according to the mechanic’s specific demands for a robust and easy-to-operate machine. That’s how it has been ever since. Migatronic’s Automig machines are robust and reliable workhorses for quality welding in auto business, trade and industry. 

User-friendly design 
There are 3 different models in the Automig range, each of which are designed with a user-friendly cabinet and large turnable front wheels making it easy to move the welding machine over any obstacles on the shop floor.

Ease of use 
The Automig is a versatile and user-friendly welding machine with optimal welding properties. Simple adjustment of parameters makes the machine operational in no time and the oblique-angled control panel makes it easy to read and adjust settings.

Practical accessories make welding easier
In addition to the special stainless/alu-kit, the Automig can be equipped with Migatronic Dialog torch allowing the welder fine-tuning of the welding current from the torch handle. The Automig can also be equipped with hand lamp, CO2 preheater or other electric tools. 
All these options, combined with an easy-to-install tool tray, make the Automig the perfect work station.




  • Dialog torch
  • Starter kit
  • Stainless/alu-kit 
AUTOMIG THREE-PHASE                 183              223                 273         
 Current range  20 - 180 A   20 - 200 A  20 - 250 A
 Voltage steps  7  15  15
 Duty cycle 35%  110 A  150 A  200 A
 Open circuit voltage  14 - 30 V   14 - 30 V  15 - 34 V
 Mains voltage   3 x 230 ^ 400 V   3 x 230 ^ 400 V  3 x 230 ^ 400 V
 Fuse 230/400 V  10 A/10 A  10 A/10 A  10 A/10 A
 Wire dimension, mm  0.6-1.0  0.6-1.2  0.6-1.2
 Wire reel, kg  5-15  5-15  5-15
 Wire feed speed, m/mm  2-12  2-14  2-15
 Spot time, sec. *)  0.15-2.5   0.15-2.5  0.15-2.5
 Interval time, sec. *)  0.15-2.5        0.15-2.5        0.15-2.5   
 Burnback, sec.  0.05-0.5  0.05-0.5  0.05-0.5
 Application class  S  S   S 
 Protection class  IP 21  IP 21   IP 21 
 Norm                    EN60974-1 / EN50199
 Dimensions, cm  72 x 38 x 70   72 x 38 x 70  72 x 38 x 70
 Weight, kg  57  64  66 

*) Spot welding and interval welding
We reserve the right to make changes.

Built-in advantages 
Stable wire-feeding is important for the quality of MIG/MAG welding and therefore the Automig is equipped with a mechanical wire-feed brake and an electronic brake in the wire-feed motor. The Automig is characterized by perfect arc ignition - every time - and unique welding properties, using either CO2 or mix gases. In addition, the machine is equipped with a short-circuit fuse for protection of the rectifier and a thermal fuse that prevents overload of the transformer.

Three-phase from 180 A to 250 A 
The Automig is available as three-phase models in three different machine sizes from 180 A to 250 A. All models are particularly suited for MIG/MAG welding of steel sheets. If equipped with a special stainless/alu-kit (extra equipment), the Automig can also be used for repair welding in aluminium and stainless sheet welding.


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