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Migatronic Pi - TIG welding machines from portable to heavy duty
Migatronic Pi are user-friendly welding machines, which meet every need for TIG and MMA welding. High-performance inverter machines for precision welding in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and other high-alloy materials. There is a Migatronic Pi machine for any type of welding operation: repair, assembly, construction, industry and robot. Processes include TIG HP (high-frequency with pulse), TIG H (without pulse), TIG AC/DC and MMA welding with covered electrodes. 

Robust and reliable welding quality
All Pi machines are delivered with coated PCB’s and carry Eurocodes calibration certificate.

Migatronic’s Pi range covers the entire spectrum from portable on-location versions to dedicated special and heavy duty machines with up to 500 A for automatic/robot welding.

Migatronic’s Pi machines combine proven inverter technology with new control and communication options. These features optimise welding performance and make the most advanced functions child's play to use. 

Pi 350 MMA CELL - a new Migatronic feature
Pi 350 MMA CELL is designed specifically for tube/pipeline welding and vertical downwards welding positions using cellulose electrodes. This means considerably increased welding speed, increased melting performance, and higher efficiency. Pi 350 MMA CELL can be used with an asynchronous generator. 

CWF Multi ensures uniform quality and high welding speed

TIG welding non-stop
CWF Multi (Cold Wire Feeder) is a separate wire feed unit designed specifically for setups with automatic devices and for optimization of manual TIG welding. CWF Multi has automatic wire-feeding from reels – with or without pulse on the wire. The CWF Multi control panel allows the welder to switch between programs and features automatic wire-feeding synchronously with the machine’s pulse function (Pi 350-500). The CWF Multi is also compatible with Pi 200 and 250 where start/stop signals start wire-feeding along with the other wire parameters which are controlled separately from the CWF Multi.

Automatic wire-feeding
For optimization of welding quality and speed, the TIG welding hoses can be fitted with special equipment for automatic wire feeding. All Pi machines can via CWF Multi feed the correct quantity of wire into the weld pool; with or without pulse on the wire. The result is a considerable increase of welding speed and there is no risk of non-uniform welds and undesirable contact with the tungsten electrode. The CWF Multi can be used as a special solution for old Migatronic TIG machines and other makes of TIG machines. 

Automated TIG Welding Solutions
The Pi can be customised to any welding situation - including automated devices and robots. The two largest TIG inverters, the Pi 350 and 500, are obvious power sources for automatic devices/robots and prepared for communication with a robot or automatic device in a setup with the CWF Multi. 

The operating comfort follows the operator
All Pi machines for automated welding processes can be equipped with an extra identical control panel at the robot cell where the robot operator gets the same functions and facilities for setting the welding parameters.

Interfaces for all types of robots
The newly developed RCI (Robot Communication Interface) integrates the large Pi machines with most types of robots and controllers. RCI is also used for ”Retrofit” - upgrade to state-of-the-art technology of old types of robots. All RCI’s are supplied to order by Migatronic in the required configuration.

New pulse sound with Synergy PLUS™ 
In addition to traditional pulse and quick pulse for TIG DC, Pi offers the Migatronic invention Synergy PLUS™; A special pulse function where the machine automatically and dynamically sets all primary pulse parameters when welding in synergy mode. The traditional sound of pulse welding has therefore been replaced by clean metallic tones thanks to Synergy PLUS™. 

Welding with up to 200 A using just a 16 A fuse 
Both the mono-phase Pi 200 TIG machines feature PFC – Power Factor Correction: an electronic circuit which makes it possible to weld using up to 200 A using just a 16 A fuse.

Up to 4 x 64 program settings 
All Pi TIG versions contain 64 program settings per welding process: TIG DC, TIG AC, MMA DC and MMA AC, so that the welder can quickly and safely call up customised settings for repetitive welding jobs. 

TIG Liftig® is standard on all machines 
All Pi TIG and MMA machines are supplied as standard with TIG LIFTIG® function (ignition without HF) for TIG welding in electrically sensitive environments. Trigger modes in the sub-menu The user-friendly control panels of the Pi machines feature many short-cuts that make welding much easier. In the sub-menu there are various possibilities for individual setting of the welding progress. 

TIG-A-Tack™ - ultimate tack-welding
TIG-A-Tack™ is a newly developed Migatronic feature that makes quick and extremely small and precise tacks. This reduces the risk of distortion and damage to the material. 

Fan reduced noise and energy consumption
Migatronic Pi was developed with respect for both environment and work environment. The infinitely variable fan operates precisely and adapts automatically to the actual load/cooling requirement of the machine. The results are reduced noise level, energy consumption and dust intake and longer life of the machine. 

Gouging for thick wall material 
Pi 500 features gouging function for gouging root passes or locating lack of fusion.

AC welding: one button – four parameters 
The art of simplification: On the Pi AC/DC versions, the welder can adjust four primary AC parameters using the balance button on the control panel: 
1 Time balance - overall control of cleaning effect 
2 AC frequency - arc control and control of weld pool 
3 Electrode preheating - perfect ignition and reduced electrode wear - ready for new gas types 
4 Current balance - maintains a DC-like tungsten tip - ensures arc focus 

D.O.C® - quicker AC welding 
All Pi AC machines are equipped with D.O.C.® function (Dynamic Oxide Control): a Migatronic patent that ensures a controlled, narrow cleaning zone. The result is an increase in welding speed of up to 30% and a corresponding reduction in the consumption of both energy and tungsten electrodes.

Intelligent Gas Control IGC® 
Synergic gas flow with large-scale reduction of gas consumption

Intelligent Gas Control IGC® is a configurable option for Pi 350 and Pi 500 for TIG. An efficient gas-saver kit combined with dynamic gas control that monitors consumption and optimises gas protection in both DC and AC welding. Often, the IGC® function may give gas savings in excess of 50% with proportionally fewer replacements of gas cylinder to the benefit of economy, environment and efficiency. 

Better welding, better finish 
At the start of the welding process, Migatronic IGC® prevents over-consumption of gas and gives a good start performance. IGC® takes control once the weld pool is established and ensures extensive savings thanks to the controlled gas consumption which is always optimized to current needs.

IGC® offers more advantages for the industrial machines 
Synergic gas post flow, a special feature for use with IGC®, is dedicated to the large Pi machines (350 and 500). Synergic gas post flow automatically provides the required gas post flow time, and oxidized tungsten electrodes and welds are eliminated at finalizing welds.

“Gas monitoring” – another IGC® feature 
IGC® also functions as an efficient “gas monitor” that automatically stops the process in case of insufficient gas protection. 

Large-scale reduction of gas consumption 
Savings depend on the company’s welding profile, arc time and number of welding machines. 

Calculate your savings and see what you can save on the bottom line. 


 MACHINE TYPE  200 HP DC  200 AC/DC  250 E/HP DC  250 AC/DC   350 E
 Mains voltage +/- 15%   1x230 V  1x230 V  3x400 V   3x400 V    3x400 V 
 Fuse      10 A  10 A   25 A 
 Fuse PFC  16 A  16 A      
 Mains current, eff. (PFC)  24 A (17.5)  25 A (18.6)  7.1 A  7.3 A  17.1 A
 Power 100% (PFC)  5.5 kVA (4.0)   5.8 kVA (4.3)   4.9 kVA   5 kVA   11.9 kVA
 Power max. (PFC)  9.4 kVA (5.6)   9.7 kVA (6.0)  9.0 kVA  9.0 kVA  16.0 kVA
 Open circuit voltage  35 W  35 W   35 W   35 W   40 W 
 Current range  5-200 A   5-200 A  5-250 A  5-250 A   5-350 A
 Open circuit voltage  95 V  95 V   95 V   95 V   95 V 
 Application class  S   S  S   S   S 
 Protection class   IP 23    IP 23    IP 23   IP 23   IP 23
 EN/IEC60974-1, 2, 3, 10   x  x  x   x   x 
 H x W x L, cm  36x22x52  36x22x52  36x22x52  36x22x52  55x25x64
 Weight, kg  22   24   23    25   30 



 350 E CELL DC    350 AC/DC    500 E DC   500 HP DC-AC/DC 
 Mains voltage+/- 15%   3x400 V   3x400 V   3x400 V  3x400 V  3x400 V
 Fuse  25 A

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